A healthy addiction

It’s only been a week, and I am hooked. Go to bed thinking about it. Wake up thinking about it. Trust it to watch over me while I sleep. Listen to it when it tells me to eat right and exercise. Beam with pride when it rewards me for losing 5 lbs (in one week, by the way). Allow it to help me make healthy choices while living in a hotel room and eating out every meal. I am a Fitbit user.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the Fitbit One is a pedometer. Shaped like a cross between a guitar pick and a baby carrot, it is made to sit in your pocket, connect imperceptibly to your smartphone or computer, and count your steps. In so doing, along with you actively entering data like what you eat, your age and weight, and your fitness goals, it becomes a pocket fitness instructor. Additionally, if you wear it on your wrist at night, it also monitors your sleep, counting how long you sleep, how often you wake, and how efficient your sleep is. It’s made me go to bed earlier, so as to not disappoint it.

The company makes several devices, including a wifi-enabled scale that, once sets up, know you when you step on it, and automatically sends your weight and percent body fat to the device. Lastly, the company hosts online groups of users, turn the process of getting in to shape into a social game. We need a Nantucket Fitbit Users Group. Anyone else out there?

I’m in talks with the company about becoming a wholesaler so I can supply them to patients in my next practice. The little device (at $99), by enabling and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, is likely more valuable than any pill I will prescribe.

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