Salmon Ceviche and Green Chili KrackED Sauce

Forgive me for licking my fingers too much to make it safe for me to take pictures of this recipe, but I have to write it down quick before I forget it. Being slightly addicted to Corazon del Mar’s aptly named Green Chili Krack sauce, I decided this weekend I would try and crack the recipe. I think I got it. Tonight’s dinner is an appetizer of Duxbury oysters*, followed by a ceviche of Wild Sockeye Salmon, fresh from Glidden’s.

Here’s the recipes.

Green Chili KrackED Sauce

2 bunches of cilantro
4 serrano peppers (with or without seeds)
4 cloves of garlic
4 tblsp of Agave Nectar
Juice of 4 limes
Fish Sauce to taste
Sea salt


Place the cilantro, peppers and garlic in the food processor and process to paste. Add the lime juice and agave nectar, adjusting the amount of lime juice up or down to achieve the proper thick liquid texture. Then add fish sauce, tasting until you find just the right amount of umami. I added about a tablespoon, but your tastes might vary. Lastly add salt and process until smooth. Save in a squeeze bottle in the fridge.

Salmon Ceviche

1 lb fresh salmon filet, with skin
1 shallot, diced
1 serrano (or 2 jalapeno peppers), diced (with or without seeds, depending on desired heat)
1/4 cup of lime juice
zest of 1 lemon (go ahead and use the juice too)
1 tblsp of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Mix all of the ingredients save the salmon. Using a sharp filet knife, slice the salmon as thinly as possible on the diagonal (like you would smoked salmon), removing the flesh from the skin. Lay the slices in a thin baking dish, cover the first layer with some of the sauce. Layer salmon until all prepped, covering with the citrus mixture. Refrigerate for at least 2.5 hours (and up to 12 hours) before eating. Serve with the Green Chili KrackED Sauce, with toasted baguettes if desired.


*I’ve yet to do the oysters, and have never shucked oysters. I’m trusting this video to help me pull this off.

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