Figawi. The Morning After.

Squam Farm Sheep

To Sankaty’s Head

Rare treat today. The ‘Sconset Trust, as keepers of Sankaty Head Lighthouse opened it up for tours today, and the kids and I got to climb the lighthouse. Naturally, Sconset’s fog factory was in full production, so the pictures are limited. No sweeping views. But still, here’s an inside look:

sankaty light

Time to Rain Cherry Blossums

Just Another Madaket Sunset

First Light

I have a book available!

A Coatue Nursery

It’s May and that means it is time for the Coatue to turn into a Sea Gull nursery. The Great Black-backed Gulls, huge, formidable birds, start first. The Herring Gulls and other species will start nesting soon as well and, come June, it will be hard to walk out on the Coatue without upsetting the parents or stepping on their precocial, dark, mottled young.

They nest on the ground, grouped together in noisy colonies, in large, comfortable, inconspicuous nests, and all (at least that we saw today) seem to lay three, large, dark, speckled eggs.

They’re intelligent, resourceful birds, and I experienced some of this today. They’re known for exhibiting mobbing behaviour, and as I approached one nest (still from afar, as I was using a long lens), this gull at first circled around me in the air and, when that did not work, flew away and came back with an army of about 30 gulls to harass me into leaving. It worked.

Real live photos

I have two exhibitions at present.

1) Artists Association of Nantucket’s Joyce & Seward Johnson’s Gallery

2) Nantucket Memorial Airport – Photographer’s Alliance of Nantucket’s display

With my horn sufficiently tooted, here’s your chance to see actual prints.

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