Great Point Light

Endless Summer

Scenes from today’s Ozone Surf Classic, Cisco Beach. Another wonderful, charitable local event. Hats off to the organizers!

Race Week

Back to back weekend race events. First the wildly popular Nantucket Triathlon, then this weekend, Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Race For Open Space. Certainly a good cause. Fog in the morning and humid, hazy heat at racetime, made this a tough event to photograph. Okay, okay, I’m sure it was easier to snap it then to actually participate!

Nantucket Triathlon, 2010

Great event. Congrats to the organizers and the local first-timers!

Charity on Ice — Maddux’s Pair Skate with Dorothy Hamill

Thanks Dorothy!

Independence Day

A few scenes from an amazing holiday weekend.

Pre-Holiday Fireworks

On a scale of 1 to 10, the weather we’re having these days is a 100. Unbelievable. Amazing light. Yesterday evening’s skies upstaged the upcoming fireworks show!

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