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That’s Entertainment

The tendency is to think about all things human–scientific, athletic, intellect, etc.–as being in a constant state of evolution and improvement. But I found a series of YouTube videos that make it painfully apparent that this is not the case when it comes to music and entertainment.

See what I mean…

Finale to “Stormy Weather” 1943 with Cab Calloway, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Lena Horne and the Nicholas Brothers

Nathan Milstein: “Paganiniana” 1968

“Jammin’ the Blues” with Lester Young

Aaron Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man, Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts

The Osbourne Brothers: “Rocky Top”, “Ruby”

Sviatoslav Richter: Chopin Etudes Op. 10 No. 1-4

Ridiculous food ads lampooned

Lawyers with a sense of Humor?

Doesn’t Really Look Like Him Unless You Look It Directly In The Eye

–from the NIH Images in Medicine Library.

You Dropped Food on the Floor. Do You Eat It?

I was at the Box Tuesday Night for Greg and Joy Margolis’ going away party. The place was full of little kids. I watched a kid dropped a cookie on the floor, bend down, pick it up and eat it. This was the floor of The Box! My first thought was, “yep, I’m sure no one has ever, ever thrown up right there in that very spot.”

Today, I found this online at the Serious Eats blog:

Great Point

With the resurrection of the Yellow Jeep (it’s a long story), I am four-wheel-drive worthy of hitting the beaches again, and celebrated this weekend with a trip out to see an old friend: Great Point Light.

Did you know that at the relighting ceremony September 8, 1986 (after the lighthouse was rebuilt following the great storm in 1984 that destroyed it), that the town sixth-graders put a time capsule in it that is to be opened next year!?! Reportedly there is a cassette of popular music and a can of Classic Coke (neither of which should be opened, in my opinion).

A plaque inside the tower reads, “Egypt had its pyramids, Nantucket has Great Point.”

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