Madaket Ospreys

We had the thrill this morning to go with Dr. Bob Kennedy and his Maria Mitchell team to band the 6 week old osprey chick at Madaket. The nest sits atop a 50-foot high pole, overlooking Long Pond. As you climb the ladder to the chick, the parents circle overhead, complaining loudly. The chicks, fortunately, play dead. They’re brought down peacefully in a canvas bag, and a band is applied to its white foot without a struggle.

James was able to hold the chick.

And I was able to climb the ladder to take a picture of the chick back in its nest.

Click here for more information about Maria Mitchell Association and Dr. Bob Kennedy’s osprey research program, as well as the amazing adventures of Mr. Hannah, the Nantucket osprey banded with a solar-powered GPS transmitter.

The Orchestra is in Session

We visited the Coskata Pond area this weekend and found muddy beaches and tidal flats literally carpeted by new fiddler crabs. A moving, snapping purple rug. They are everywhere. When you walk towards them, they scamper, up into the grass and out into the water, clearing you a path at almost the exact pace of a walk. As they hit the grassy areas, their numbers are so great that you hear them as they move through the reeds. It sounds like rain, or bacon frying. Amazing. Here are some images:

Cisco Surf

First Light

The Skies

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