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Sheep to Shore 2010 Baby Hats Contest

This is a wonderful benefit for the hospital and for the families delivering at NCH. I was glad Amy wasn’t with me to see the hats; she would’ve wanted one…

Go to Sheep to Shore now to see the hats and vote for your favorite!

Delivery Method Affects Brain Response to Baby’s Cry

Was just reading some interesting research showing that the method of delivery seems to influence how a mother’s brain responds to the cries of her own baby. The brains of women who have natural childbirth appear to be more responsive to the cries of their own babies, compared to the brains of women who have C-section births.

The finding is based on brain imaging scans conducted two to four weeks after delivery among just 12 women, half of whom had vaginal births and half of whom gave birth by C-section. The study, published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, found that the cry of a woman’s own baby triggered significant responses in several parts of the brain related to sensory processing, empathy, arousal, motivation, reward and habit-regulation. The effect was greatest in the brains of women who had delivered vaginally compared to those women who delivered their babies by C-section.

The conclusions that can be drawn from the study are limited because it involved so few women. However, it does support the theory that C-section birth may result in slight delays in attachment, putting those women at slightly higher risk for postpartum depression.

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Making the Most of a few Snowflakes

It’s all about the babies…

Just a few newborn mugshots from these past few months:


Get the Picture: Childhood Immunizations

The CDC gets it. They put out a really well-done video for parents with questions about vaccines that specifically deals with the misinformation out there. Nice. Informative, calm, and speaks directly to concerned parents. Stay through to the video’s end. Very cute!

Baby Talk

Creepy Baby Videos and Our Tax Dollars

Trying its hand at viral marketing, the Social Security Administration has made a video to announce this year’s most popular baby names, featuring an infant Elvis impersonator with bad fake arms, and a plug for Medicare Prescription Drug benefits.  Click here and cringe.

A strange trend in last letters of boy’s names

100 years ago, there were about 10 last letters that dominated; 50 years ago, the number of popular last letters declined slightly, to about 6; but now, a single letter stands out: an amazing 36% of baby boys in America have names ending in N. Look at these graphs to see how incredibly strange this looks.

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