Topaz Adjust trial

I’m using a rainy Saturday morning to experiment with a Photoshop plug-in called Topaz Adjust.

You can accomplish a number of effects with this plug-in. It is especially good at generating the extreme contrast, almost illustrated, hyper-sharp look. Seems fairly comparable to another plug-in that has been available longer, Lucis Pro. The main difference is that the latter costs $600 and needs a hardware dongle to use. The Topaz plug-in is $49.

Here’s another one. A photo of James’ from earlier this year. The before looked like this:

The Topaz version looks like this:

Might be a little “overcooked,” but it’s a neat effect. The only other thing I did to this photo is I created a mask of the background and added some lens blur for more depth of field.

One more:

2 Responses to “Topaz Adjust trial”

  1. BabsieG Says:

    I like what it did to the dock Doc.

  2. Greg Says:

    dock doc? You have so much flexibility with it. You can dramatically increase the contrast and details, like the dock. Or you can soften to the point of a painting like the first pic’s sky.

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