Sunday, 0800, Tsunami…RIP Nikon D90

Went back out this am to see the largest waves of our hurricane. As Hurricanes go, Bill has left no mark on the island, save the swells. Minimal rain or wind. But the surf is huge.

sand from Bill
bill waves

Back at Cisco, one stop down from the Bluff, as expected, the dune carvings are gone. Here’s all that is left.


Standing on the dune entrance, watching waves for about 20 minutes, several waves came up to the dunes. But while taking pictures, I noticed a series of larger waves heading to shore. The largest completely surprised me, crashing against the dune wall, rushing over the dunes, knocking me down and dragging me down to the beach. Me. Camera. Camera backpack. Blackberry.

last picture

This was the wave that killed my Nikon D90 and 18-200 VR zoom lens; 300 feet or so off-shore. Last picture I took.

I’m going to miss that camera. It could be a lot worse.

2 Responses to “Sunday, 0800, Tsunami…RIP Nikon D90”

  1. Virginia Bonesteel Says:

    Read about your loss on dGrin.

    Sorry about the camera and lens, but glad it was only things and that you lived to tell the tale.

    Reminds me of the important rule that we all sometimes forget – especially when taking pictures – Don’t Mess with Mother Nature!

    Virginia (aka flyinggin)

  2. Mike Galvin Says:

    Hey Doc. Drop me a line if you want to borrow some camera equipment until you replace your own. You know I have plenty.
    Mikey G

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